Today I got a little booklet in the mail, in which my Backbreaker type was used. It was for a charity project, which is not the first time with the Backbreaker, it seems to fit for charity.


After the longest vacation in my life (really!) I´m back to work, in a new studio in the P///AKT gallery next to a Windmill / Brewery in Amsterdam. One of the things I´m working on is a new poster for Svenska Musiklubben. Here´s the first sketch:

(And here´s the finished thing)


Today I got a book from Gestalten Verlag in the mail, which I have some work in. Lemon Poppy Seed, ISBN 978-3-89955-210-2. See, when I design your stuff it might end up in fancy Design Books.


This site is up, finally I have descent space to explain a little bit about the projects, and the main page even has cathegories now. I´ll put up more work as soon as I have a bit of time.

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